jeep jamboree adventures

Jeep Jamboree Adventures

jeep jamboree overland adventures

A new kind of trip for explorers and adventurers

“A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” Lao Tzu

jeep jamboree adventures

In addition to the schedule of Jamborees we are introducing a brand new off-road program called Jeep Jamboree Adventures – a series of overlanding trips for those of you looking to expand your experience beyond a Jeep Jamboree weekend and participate in a off-road adventure designed to take your off-roading to the next level. What we’re putting together is a true adventure experience.

Unlike our Jeep Jamboree events, these Adventures will be less structured in schedule and be an organic program that may ebb and flow based on trail conditions, weather, scenery and obstacles. There will be an entry and end point for each trip, however what happens between those two points will be based on the before mentioned factors – where we camp, what obstacles we tackle, and how we reach point A to B is where the real adventure aspect comes in. Every participant will be expected to be self-sufficient, however our experienced team members will be along offering guidance, and we will heavily rely on a group mentality to overcome unexpected situations that often arise when off-roading for days at a time in remote locations.

Another major differentiator in these Adventure programs will be group size. We will be capping participants to a small number (likely 10-15 Jeep 4×4’s) in order to truly provide an experience worthy of your time, money and to enable you to glean as much as possible from these events. The smaller size will also allow us to be nimble and make adjustments quickly and as needed given outside factors as the weekend progresses.

Designed for the more experienced off-road enthusiast, with the ability to bring their own fully outfitted vehicles and supplies, will find themselves immersed in a significantly smaller group and putting their knowledge and sense of adventure to task with our skilled team members leading the way. We’ve partnered with Rancho Performance and other trusted brands to bring you the best knowledge and experience, however, every participant will need to have the ability, products, know-how and true overlanding spirit to fully immerse in these weekends.

We already have two destinations chosen, with more to be added, and with the limited space available we encourage you to sign up or let us know if you’re interested as soon as possible. For more information on this season’s Adventures see Southern Utah Adventure, and Emigrant Trail Adventure.

These Jeep Jamboree Adventures are meant to continue growing the exploration and adventure side of JJUSA and we can’t wait to share the trails and experiences with you!