Grab Your GMRS Radio Ahead of Jeep® Jamboree Adventures

As Jeep® Jamborees ramp up with the summer months right around the corner, it is important to remember that GMRS Radios are required for all Jeep® Jamboree events for safety and general communication. 

using midland radios in the mountains


Whether you’re exploring the Badlands, taking in the forests and beaches of Tillamook, or hitting the Rubicon Trail, General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) has you covered for all your communication needs. 

GMRS radios bring a new level of power and clarity to communication that CB radios do not. CB radios can only transmit up to 4-Watts of power while Midland’s GMRS radios offer 5-Watts, 15-Watts- 40-Watts, and 50-Watts. 

As a leader in two-way radio technology, Midland Radio is the Official Communications Sponsor of Jeep® Jamboree. 


Midland has a wide variety of GMRS products sure to keep you connected on all the Jeep® Jamboree trails. Some of Midland’s most popular products can be found in the Jeep® Jamboree shop.

With up to four times the power of CB radio, Midland’s MXT275VP4 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio Bundle is perfect for off-roading beginners or the avid adventurer. This bundle has everything you need for a quick and easy installation- radio unit, Roll Bar/Mirror Mounting Bracket, antenna cable, and Midland’s 3 dB Ghost Antenna. With the Fully Integrated Control Microphone, you can hide the radio unit away to ensure your dash space doesn’t get crowded. All the buttons are on the mic, bringing push to talk communication straight to your fingertips! This 15-Watt radio is easy to use and brings clear, crisp communication to all your Jeep® Jamboree excursions. It is by far the most popular of Midland’s radios in the off-roading community. 

Check out this Northridge4x4 installation video of the MXT275 in a Jeep® Gladiator.

Also in Jeep® Jamboree’s shop is Midland’s MXT400VP3 MicroMobile® Bundle. Boasting 40-Watts of power, the MXT400 brings extended range to the most remote locations. If you’re looking to take your communication to new levels, grab this bundle fit with the radio unit, Roll Bar/Mirror Mounting Bracket, antenna cable, and 3 dB Ghost Antenna. 

For communication in and out of the vehicle, Midland’s X-TALKER T71VP3 is the perfect solution. When taking on challenging obstacles alongside your fellow Jeep® Jamboree adventurers, these walkie talkies are great for spotting and recoveries. With their impressive battery life, the T71VP3 handheld radios are compatible with all of Midland’s GMRS MicroMobiles. These walkies are grab and go, fit for the most exciting outdoor adventures.

jeep interior with midland communications radio


Because Jeep® Jamboree requires GMRS, it is important to note that the Federal Communications Commission does require a license to operate these radios. 

That being said, it is super easy to get your license on the FCC website. The license covers you and your family for 10 years. After finishing up the application process, most people receive their license within 48 hours. 

As of April 19, 2022, the FCC just slashed the license cost in half, bringing it to $35 rather than $70. 


With Midland’s commitment to the off-roading community, make sure to find our brand ambassadors at the Jeep Jamboree events and say hi!

Gary and Paula

gary and paula midland ambassadors

Since retiring, Gary and Paula have been all about exploring the great outdoors whether it’s in their RV or on Gary’s motorcycle. It was through these trail rides they decided to purchase their Jeep and began attending Jeep® Jamboree events. Even as they’ve gotten more comfortable off-roading, Gary and Paula enjoy the experience of Jeep® Jamboree guides and the camaraderie the event brings. You’ll find them at several events this year along with their two dogs that take on every adventure alongside them.


steven midland ambassador

After retiring early, Steven took to off-roading alongside his brothers who were also Jeepers. His first JJ was at Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch in the Ozarks. He said he was hooked immediately. This fascination led to the several improvements he’s since made to his Jeep. You might spot Steven with his OU flag as he’s a loyal Oklahoma University Football fan. He has attended both home and away games for the last 30 years. 


Midland Radio is extremely proud to bring its proven, industry-leading MicroMobile® and X-Talker walkie talkies to Jeep® Jamboree events all over the country. 

With reliable communication you can count on, Midland will only enhance your experience on the trails.

You can find Midland’s MicroMobile® and X-Talker two-way radios for sale at Jeep® Jamboree events themselves or online at Jeep® Jamboree

We hope to see you on an upcoming trip, but until then you can find us on Instagram.

Over and out!