Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Jeep Jamboree?

It’s a full two-day, family oriented four-wheel-drive adventure that’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Jeep Jamborees cater to every level of expertise so they’re fun for everyone – from novice to veteran and everyone in between. Any Jeep vehicle with a 4-LO transfer case can participate – that includes everything from showroom stock all the way up to highly modified rigs. Experienced guides help navigate you through scenic switchbacks and some of the most challenging off-highway situations you never thought your Jeep vehicle was capable of. And, perhaps best of all, you’ll be meeting and making new friends along the way.

What will a Jamboree cost?

Individual Jamboree fees vary. Please see each Jamboree write-up for details. There’s no charge for children five years of age or under on any Jamboree. Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, personal checks and money orders are welcome. All fees must be paid in advance. A $35 charge is assessed for returned checks.

What does the Jamboree fee cover?

Your fee covers all necessary permits, land-use fees, experienced guides for the entire trip, three meals on both Friday and Saturday (“Select” adventurers include evening meals only). NOTE: Meals vary. Regretfully, no accommodations can be made for special diets or dietary restrictions. Also included is an official Jeep Jamboree dash plaque and access to some of the finest trails in America – several of which are only available through this program. Each Jamboree also features a prize drawing for chances to win great prizes from our sponsors.

Family Plan Pricing

The Family Plan is designed to make the Jeep Jamboree USA experience more affordable for families of 4 or more. Instead of per person pricing, the Family Plan is priced per vehicle. There are some qualifying requirements – you must have two adults in the vehicle (no more, no less) and two or more children under 15 years old.  Seatbelts are required for all people in the Jeep. All occupants must be traveling in the SAME Jeep vehicle. Offer not valid for the Rubicon Trail Jeep Jamboree.


How do I make a reservation and where do I send it?


Online at – Credit cards only.


Download a registration form & waiver form from our website and either scan and email it to or fax it to 530-333-2844 – Credit cards only.


Call the office at 530-333-4777, for registration 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time M – F, for all other inquiries 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time M – F.


Send your completed  registration & waiver forms, photocopies are acceptable, along with your fee to:

Jeep Jamboree USA
2776  Sourdough Flat
Georgetown, CA 95634

The official host of the event is Jeep Jamboree USA, a division of Mark A. Smith  Off-Roading, Inc. Registration is contingent on availability. Several Jamboree events sell out quickly. Please register early.

Refund/Transfer Policy

Reservation to 60 days $125 ($75 for Select Jamborees)
59 days to 30 days 50%
29 days to 15 days 75%
14 days to trip date 100% (NO REFUND)
Transfer Fee $100
NO TRANSFERS 14 days prior to trip date

Classic vs. Select

“Classic” Jamborees are perfect for Jeep adventurers who don’t want to worry about preparing or planning meals – it’s all included! In addition to the traditional Friday and Saturday night dinner get-togethers, “Classic” Jamborees provide guests with a hot breakfast as well as a trail lunch on Friday and Saturday. Sound like a tasty way to travel? Just look for the “Classic” icon when choosing your Jamboree.

“Select” Jamborees include Friday and Saturday night family style dinners, but give Jamboree guests the opportunity to brown bag it, prepare their own home-cooked specialties or try charming local restaurants for their other meals. As an added bonus, reduced meal costs for these trips allow JJUSA to pass the savings on to you, making these trips even more affordable for the entire family! If this sounds like your kind of trip, just choose a trip with the “Select” icon.

NOTE: Meals vary. Regretfully, no accommodations can be made for dietary restrictions or special diets.

What’s a typical event schedule?

Actual event schedules will vary from trip to trip, but here’s a sample:


  • EVENING REGISTRATION: Upon arrival at your local Jamboree headquarters, attendees register, select trails, meet with others, and have their Jeep vehicles evaluated for trail capability. On-site participants receive name tags & stickers; which are used as registration identification for meals & trail rides.


  • BREAKFAST: A hearty breakfast is served to all Classic Jamboree participants. (“Select” adventurers supply their own breakfast.)
  • MANDATORY GENERAL ATTENDANCE MEETING: A brief orientation covers proper technique and details about the day’s activities.
  • DEPART FOR TRAILS: Participants assemble for departure into the backcountry.
  • LUNCH ALONG THE TRAIL: A few hours into the trip, we’ll break and regroup for lunch. (“Select” adventurers supply own lunch.)
  • TRAIL RIDE CONTINUES: Participants push farther down the trail, crossing streams, negotiating boulders, and conquering steep grades – all under the watchful eyes of veteran Jeep Jamboree guides.
  • DINNER: As the afternoon draws to a close, all vehicles return to a predetermined site where dinner is served and the day’s adventures are shared. (“Select” adventurers are included.)


  • BREAKFAST: Wake up to a hearty breakfast and lively conversation. (“Select” adventurers supply their own breakfast.)
  • MANDATORY GENERAL ATTENDANCE MEETING: Jamboree officials review Friday’s happenings with participants and present a brief preview of Saturday’s event schedule. Four-wheeling tips and guidelines are examined once more.
  • DEPART FOR TRAILS: Trail time again!
  • LUNCH ALONG THE TRAIL: Jamboree adventurers stop for lunch amidst nature. (“Select” adventurers supply own lunch.)
  • TRAIL RIDE CONTINUES: One last chance to appreciate the area’s natural beauty and your Jeep’s 4×4 remarkable off-highway capability.
  • FAREWELL DINNER: As the afternoon draws to a close, all vehicles return to a predetermined site where dinner is served and the day’s adventures are shared. (“Select” adventurers are included.)

Who can I bring?

Whoever you want! As long as they each have a required seat belt in your Jeep 4×4. Bringing pets is strongly discouraged. If your pet must attend, you must submit a pet waiver prior to the event.   Click here for pet waiver.

Can I purchase gift certificates, clothing & gear for friends and family?

Of course! Just call the Jeep Jamboree USA office at (530) 333-4777.

Where do I sleep on a Jamboree?

Although lodging isn’t covered in your fee, you can download an event schedule that includes a list of motels, campgrounds, and RV accommodations in the area. When making reservations, be sure to mention you’re attending a Jeep Jamboree.

Will I be the only Jamboree rookie?

No. There’s a mix of first-timers (about 38%, in fact) and veterans – many who have been joining us for years!

May I bring my Jeep Liberty, Cherokee, Compass, Patriot, Grand Cherokee, or Commander?

Of course! Most new Jeep 4×4 vehicles with a 4-LO transfer case are Trail Rated® and are tested on demanding 4×4 trails. See our Trail Ratings page to help determine what Jamboree is best for you. Wrangler is the recommended vehicle for the Rubicon Trail Jamboree. Your Jeep® four-wheel-drive vehicle is required to be street legal with license plate, in good condition, with good tires, brakes, and seat belts. In addition, we require prior approval for larger Jeep 4x4s, such as Grand Wagoneers and J-Series Pickups. Jeep Jamboree USA reserves the right to refuse participation to any applicant whose vehicle exceeds size restrictions.

Could my vehicle be damaged on a Jamboree?

Every effort is made by Jeep Jamboree USA to make the trails as safe as possible. Participants are advised to closely follow instructions given by trail guides, spotters, and Jeep Jamboree USA. However, there’s the possibility of damage to your vehicle when traveling rough terrain. Any damage is the owner’s responsibility. Jamborees with higher difficulty ratings are more likely to encounter terrain that may contribute to vehicular damage. Participants are required to sign a waiver form.

Is there more than one trail at a given destination?

It varies. Most Jeep Jamborees feature multiple trails with varying degrees of difficulty.

Can my friend who owns a Toyota also participate?

Only if he or she rides in your Jeep 4×4! Jeep Jamborees are strictly for Jeep 4x4s.

Does my Jeep 4×4 need special equipment for a Jamboree?

Yes! The following is MANDATORY for all vehicles:

  • CB radio is MANDATORY! There are many safety issues regarding upcoming obstacles transmitted over the CB radio by your trail guides. It is required that each vehicle have a CB radio. Learn interesting facts about the area – history, local plant and wildlife, as well as exciting stories.
  • Jeep vehicles must have four-wheel drive with a low-range (4-LO) transfer case.
  • Front and rear tow points must be properly mounted to the frame with grade-eight bolts.
  • Drawbars, receiver hitches, or aftermarket bumpers with manufacturer-installed clevis or D-ring anchor points are acceptable alternates to tow points. If you don’t have tow points, you may be turned away without a refund.
  • All open-topped vehicles, including older models (CJs, Scramblers, and Willys), must have roll bars.
  • A full-size spare tire; a space-saver spare (donut) just won’t do.
  • Street legal vehicle with current license plate.

Do you recommend additional equipment?

  • Skid plates covering the oil pan, gas tank, and transfer case. Mandatory for the Rubicon Trail.
  • Rock rails for Jeep Liberty, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and Commander vehicles registered for higher-rated trails. Rock rails are iron moldings designed to protect your vehicle’s rocker sills from damage. Strongly advised for Jamborees with rocky terrain. Mandatory for the Rubicon Trail. Please contact the Jeep Jamboree USA office for additional information.
  • Heavy-duty, 20-foot nylon tow straps (7,000 lb max vehicle weight) with looped ends. TOW STRAPS WITH METAL HOOKS ARE NOT PERMITTED.
  • Body lifts/suspension lifts up to six inches (combined) are permitted.  Tires over 37 inches are not permitted.  We recommend removing running board for higher rated trails.  Snowplow frames are not permitted. Participants will be turned away at registration should they exceed these limits.

When is the cutoff date for new trip registrations, adding or changing passengers?

You may register, add or change passengers until two weeks prior to the trip date, subject to availability. All new trip registrations, added or changed passengers must sign a waiver. If only adding passengers, select the “Adding Passengers Only” box on the registration form. If adding a passenger online ( you MUST be signed into your account in order to successfully add-a-passenger to your current registration. Passengers may not be changed during the event. On-site registrations are NOT allowed. All participants must be pre-registered. New trip registrations and/or adding passengers to your Jeep 4×4 within two weeks prior to your trip date WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

We HIGHLY recommend bringing in addition to your Jeep 4×4:

  • Snacks.
  • Warm clothes. It may not be cold upon arrival, but temperatures can drop unexpectedly.
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen.
  • A camera and/or video camera.
  • Flashlight and fresh batteries.
  • A cooler filled with your favorite NON-ALCOHOLIC beverages.
  • A portable chair for lunch on the trail.
  • NOTE: ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON ANY TRAIL RIDE. Violators will be removed without a refund and banned from all future Jeep Jamborees.


Please contact us with your questions.

Jeep Jamboree USA
2776 Sourdough Flat
Georgetown, CA 95634

Phone: (530) 333-4777
Fax: (530) 333-2844


NOTE: Due to possible unforeseen circumstances, trip dates and locations are subject to change and possible cancellation.