jeep jamboree outdoor garage

Jamboree Outdoor Garage

Jeep Jamboree USA’s interactive Jamboree Outdoor Garage is a gathering place for our participants on registration day (Thursday) and at the conclusion of the days trail ride (Friday and Saturday,) where guests can hang out and play games (remote controlled Jeeps, etc.) have soft drinks and snacks, and interact with our sponsors and off-road expert Jim Horne.  While this area is not a garage in the sense of working directly on your personal rigs, it’s meant to be a social space as well as educational – where you can simply hang out, discuss trail experiences, seek information about new product to add to your Jeep and do walk arounds with our display Jeep we’ll have onsite.  You’ll be able to pick up some swag, enjoy additional time with fellow off-road enthusiasts while sharing and getting tips on making your trail time the best experience possible.

Jim’s passion for off-roading began in the 70’s when he would watch his father and uncles race Jeeps, and he took that passion and turned it into a career that has led him to his current position as a core team member of Jeep Jamboree USA. He began his early career in the Air Force as a hydraulic specialist on C-5 aircraft, which helped fuel his love for travel in addition to off-roading. After his stint in the Air Force, Jim and his wife moved to Moab, Utah and opened Outlaw Jeep Tours in one of the most famous off-road destinations in the world. Averaging close to 240 trail days every year, Jim guided every trail in Moab from the easiest to most difficult with everything from stock Jeeps to buggies and racecars. In addition to guiding trails and gathering the experience in off-roading, Jim also competed in World Extreme Rock series, raced Dirt Riot, the Ultra4 Western series, and King of the Hammers.

His expertise and name in the industry led to work over the years with television channels such as Discovery, History and TLC, as well as multiple episodes of Top Gear. As a major testing ground for vehicles and product, Moab naturally led Jim to associations with some of the top off-road companies in the business, including Jeep Jamboree USA. Beginning in 2009 Jim began working with JJUSA by renting Jeeps and guiding corporate events, and eventually began working with JJUSA full time years later. In his role with JJUSA Jim has become a cornerstone in the team which led to him going to New Zealand to build one the most significant launch programs – the media introduction of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler (JL).

During Jamboree weekends Jim will be available before trail excursions and after in the Jamboree Outdoor Garage, so please be sure to seek him out.  Bring your questions about your Jeep, off-roading and everything related and use Jim as a great resource for your adventures.

The Jamboree Outdoor Garage will be coming to the following Jeep Jamborees in 2021!

  • Table Mesa
  • Texas Spur
  • Palo Duro
  • Tennessee Mountains
  • Land Between the Lakes
  • Badlands
  • Top of the Ozarks
  • Drummond Island
  • Penn’s Woods
  • Killington
  • Coal Mountain
  • Killbuck
  • Catskill Mountains
  • Maine Mountains
  • Uwharrie
  • Gateway to the Cumberlands
  • Moab