OHV Trail Readiness Kit


Sometimes recovery is needed in situations one least expects.  After a lovely day skiing, the falling snow was a blessing.  However, in the car park it may be a different story.  Conditions may not be well suited to heading home.  No problem, you have your OHV readiness on board.  The included soft shackle and tow strap are just what’s needed to help any vehicle in distress.  Even your own.  A quick pull is just what is needed to escape the parking lot and head towards home.  But, how do you attach the vehicles?   On vehicles without “tow points”  the soft shackle can be attached to any secure location and or the tow strap can be looped on itself if needed.  Snow, Sand (Driving on the Beach) this kit is a must onboard any RV.  A great extra to have for friends who are new to Jeeping too.

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