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Rubicon Trail Expedition XTREME 2024

Requires 37” tires, front & rear lockers, tow points, gas, transfer case, and rocker skid plates. Any JK with a factory rear axle requires upgraded rear cover and/or glide plate.

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August 12-15, 2024


The Rubicon Trail, California


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Private Guides / Lodging / Meals*

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Jeep Jamboree USA introduces the Rubicon Trail Expedition Xtreme. An epic journey across the Rubicon Trail, but in reverse! (Lake Tahoe – Loon Lake). Join us for a privately guided adventure for Jeep owners wanting to hone their off-roading skills and experience the Rubicon Trail in a way that few ever do. Take on obstacles like Cadillac Hill, the Big Sluice, and the Gatekeeper, all from a new perspective. 

The Rubicon Trail Expedition Xtreme is a limited-space excursion offering the opportunity to traverse the Rubicon Trail with our most experienced and knowledgeable trail guides who have spent years becoming authorities on this legendary terrain. To create a truly personal experience, the trip will be limited to a maximum of ten (10) vehicles, enabling attendees to receive personalized guidance in a small setting. Participants will fine tune their skills while traversing the ever-changing landscape of one of the world’s most famous trails, all with the individualized attention of our expert guides at the helm.

This small-scale experience will not only leave you with a unique perspective of the Rubicon Trail, but a deeper knowledge of your abilities and a better understanding of your vehicle as you prepare for off-roading adventures to come. 

Participants will be required to use their own Jeep 4×4 (Wranglers and Gladiators ONLY), and be self-sufficient in terms of food, water, camping gear, extra parts, etc. Once you have registered for The Rubicon Trail Expedition, we will send you a recommended packing/gear list for guidance, however you will be responsible for all elements and costs associated.

Please Note: This is not a trip for beginners. All applicants will be screened to ensure their vehicle meets pre-determined requirements.


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* for meals included, see below

Monday, August 12th – Join us at the SpringHill Suites Truckee for check-in and event registration. We’ll take a moment to inspect your vehicle and address any immediate mechanical concerns before retiring to our rooms and heading off for dinner in downtown Truckee (location TBD). We’ll discuss the days to come while taking some time to get to know each other.

Tuesday, August 13th – Enjoy a morning at your leisure at the hotel, or while exploring the many great restaurants and coffee shops Truckee has to offer. Depart as a group for Tahoma and the Rubicon Trail Staging area. We’ll take some time to air down and address any last-minute concerns, then depart for Rubicon Springs. Lunch and scenic stops will be mandated by travel time and weather. We’ll plan to arrive in time to set up camp then enjoy a hearty dinner prepared by our team.

Wednesday, August 14th – Wake up with the sun, have breakfast, break camp, and prepare for the many obstacles to come. Enjoy another day of fun as we continue our journey across the Rubicon Trail. We’ll make our way to Spider Lake where we will be spending our second night camping. Once again, lunch and scenic stops will be mandated by travel time and weather. We’ll plan to arrive in time to set up camp then enjoy a hearty dinner prepared by our team.

Thursday, August 15th – Wake up with the sun, have breakfast, break camp, and prepare for another tough day on the Rubicon Trail. Our adventure continues as we complete the Rubicon Trail. We invite you to join us immediately after leaving the trail for a parting lunch reception. Although our adventure stops here, you may want to plan a few extra days to experience all that the local area has to offer.

Vehicle Requirements

Jeep vehicle models 1996 and older are not permitted to register for the Rubicon Trail Jeep Jamboree. Participants must have a Jeep Wrangler model year 1997 to present or a Jeep Gladiator model year 2020 to present in order to participate in the Rubicon Trail Jeep Jamboree.

All Jeep vehicles shall adhere to the following requirements for the Rubicon Trail Jeep Jamboree.

  • A minimum of 37” tires. (not to exceed 40”)
  • Front and rear lockers
  • Properly secured tow points
  • GMRS radios are required
  • Skid plates covering the gas tank, transfer case and rocker panels
  • Any Jeep Wrangler JK Model with a stock factory rear axle is required to install an upgraded rear cover and/or a rear glide plate. The following links show examples of the required equipment.

Registration Fees

Driver: $2995
First Passenger: $625
Each Additional Passenger: $625

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Cancellation & Payment Policy

Days prior to trip date Penalty
Reservation to 30 days $350
29 days to 15 days 50%
14 days to trip date 100% (NO REFUND)
NO TRANSFERS OR CHANGES (including passengers) 14 days prior to trip date

For Registration Questions

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Jake Horne

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