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Winter Odyssey Iceland 2024



April 13-20, 2024


Reykjavik, Iceland


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Jeep 4x4 / Lodging / Meals*

Trail Rating

3 - 8

The Snow Desert • An expedition right into the heart of Iceland – the highlands. And in winter. We‘ll provide you with the best equipment and expert guides who know the region. The rugged landscapes showcase nature’s raw beauty, with vast expanses of volcanic fields, glaciers, and otherworldly terrain that changes at every turn. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and frozen waterfalls, off-roaders in Iceland during winter discover a magical and serene world, creating memories while navigating icy trails and awe-inspiring scenery.

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The northern lights.

Rivers of ice • Mountains high, frozen rivers deep – We’ll be driving through the deepest snow, and will have many chances to practice our off-road recovery skills. We will work our way through frozen rivers into the most remote valleys of the highlands. You will be amazed by this extraordinary nature, its beauty, and guaranteed solitude.

Vatnajökull • True Adventures – Depending on the weather conditions, we’ll have the opportunity to drive all of the glaciers of Iceland. And, yes, that will include the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull. The endless expanse of ice and snow will feel like being transported to Antarctica.

The sky is burningThis is Aurora Borealis – We will travel to all the best northern sites in the country of Iceland. Gulfoss and Skógafoss frozen are a site to be experienced. Walking on iced rivers using crampons is spectacular. The blue hour and golden hour – plus aurora borealis – make the whole adventure seem unreal.  In the evenings, we‘ll warm up in excellent local accommodations.

All Travel Services At a Glance

* for meals included, see below

  • Provision of helmets if required
  • Provision of crampons
  • Provision of radio equipment and charging station
  • 7 nights accommodation in regional hotels – min. 4 stars standard, includes breakfast
  • Provision of modified Jeep Wranglers and Jeep Gladiators for professional use in heavy terrain
  • 7 vehicles for guests, 1 vehicle for Jeep Jamboree guides and 1 vehicle for Jeep Experience guides.
  • Preparations on-site including control of deep snow and ice routes
  • Lunch daily – expedition food (fresh and prepared on route)
  • Provision of sufficient rescue equipment for the entire group
  • Emergency sleeping bags and survival equipment for all participants 
  • Costs for excursion destinations such as whale watching, fly over Iceland or similar 
  • Possible costs for visiting hot pots/baths

Hotel Information

  • 2 Nights Reykjavik Center
  • 1 Night Landhotel
  • 2 Nights Glacierview Guesthouse
  • 1 Night Fosshotel Vatnajökull
  • 1 Night Hotel Vik i Myrdal

 (or similar accommodations)

Not Included

  • Fuel costs
  • Dinner
  • Individual arrival and departure
  • Shuttle from the airport


This intense event takes place deep in a polar region, in midwinter. Personal equipment must be adapted respectively. This means: sturdy and waterproof footwear, gloves, woolly hat, scarf, thermal underwear, general clothing that offers warmth and protection down to minus 30°C. We will be taking photos in the outdoors, salvaging, whale watching, etc. Rainproof clothing, incl. waterproof trousers, is essential. Individual needs such as medicine etc. have to be taken care of by the participants themselves.

Registration Fees

Double occupancy is required on this Jamboree.
The driver and the first passenger added will be charged the adult rate regardless of their age.

Participants must be 16 & over.

Driver: $9995
First Passenger: $9995


For Questions Contact

Jake Horne

Director of Registration
Jake Horne